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Who can practice ?

Crossfit is for everyone, but only a competent coach will determine the movements and exercises tailored to your fitness and your body type.

LThe CrossFit program is designed to enhance your physical, neurological and hormonal capabilities through diligent and progressive workouts.

These workouts integrate endurance exercises for fitness, competitions, as well as mobility exercises. It is essential to adopt good techniques during movements to reduce the risk of injury and most importantly, prevent harmful consequences of inappropriate postures.

Know how to move, it is the guarantees a good quality of life and better health.

General Questions

I've never practiced any sport ... CAN I PRACTICE CROSSFIT ?

All movements can be adapted depending on your experience. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, CrossFit Grenoble will help you get started and to understand that you can do it.

I am overweight and do not feel comfortable ... CAN I PRACTICE CROSSFIT ?

CrossFit is for everyone. You do not need to be a high-level athlete to practice. Each movement is adapted to be done regardless of your weight. At CrossFit Grenoble we encourage, we motivate each other. Everything is done to make everyone feel at ease.

I feel too old... CROSSFIT IS NOT FOR ME

There is no age limit for practicing CrossFit. Listen to your body, your doctor, your coach and come to train. CrossFit Grenoble is a team of professionals who are used to tracking individuals over 50. Before finding CrossFit at a disadvantage, you will find especially many benefits!