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What Objectives and Results?

As with all sports, CrossFit lets you see the evolution of your performances through the efforts you put in. Each session will be an opportunity for you to go way beyond your limits ...

It is more to do your best to beat your personal records and not to compete with others. Here transcendence prevails. You are your only opponent.

Crossfit enthusiasts are not afraid of difficulties, they are always ready to face challenges and to excel. This training method advocates a pro-active vision of physical activity. Exercises to shape, to lose a few pounds, to prepare for an upcoming competition; yes, but not only. Crossfit is a discipline designed for winners. The workouts require perseverance, determination and discipline. Be aware, learn, master and constantly adapt to new movements.

It is self-transcendence at each session, suffering, but for exceptional performance and a perfect body. Thus CrossFit pushes practitioners to always aim higher, always wanting more and to find ways to achieve their goals.