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Your CrossFit Grenoble box

Welcome to your new CrossFit box, located at 15 Rue du Béal ST MARTIN D'HERES in Isère (38 - France), a few minutes from Grenoble

CrossFit Grenoble is a large complex of more than 500m² specialized in the pratice of CrossFit and offering up to 2 simultaneous WOD.

Originally located at 13 rue St Martin Béal d'Heres in a 200m² local, CrossFit Grenoble has been a great success since its opening in September 2013. In response to the increasing number of its athletes & members, since late August 2014, CrossFit Grenoble has offered a space three times bigger & with twice as many staff, two steps away from its original location, at 15 rue du Béal. The team welcomes you from Monday to Saturday and offers qualified trainings in different specializations of CrossFit. Brand new equipment, new specializations, trained and certified coaches, CrossFit Grenoble will guide you throughout your experience, with a drive adapted to everyone's specific needs.

Our Assets


More than just a box, CrossFit Grenoble is a team passionate about CrossFit, who wishes to convey his pleasure of the discipline

A team of professionals CROSSFIT IS AN ART

A coach is there to make sure that your posture is correct, to encourage you, to give you a taste for the practice, but also to help you improve yourself. Each of our Coaches have followed the best trainings in the various CrossFit areas.

CrossFit is more than a sport IT'S A LIFESTYLE

The results are not only in the execution of the WOD. The lifestyle, food, technology and many other factors will be critical to your development.