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CrossFit Kids @ CrossFit Grenoble !

Directly inspired from CrossFit, CrossFit Kids is a program of varied & functional fitness, adapted to the specific needs of the child and his development / growth.

CrossFit Kids à CrossFit Grenoble

CCrossFit Kids is a method of teaching CrossFit suitable for children aged 3 to 16. Based on the principle of mechanics> Consistency> intensity, CrossFit Kids focuses on the right moves throughout childhood and adolescence. Like CrossFit, CrossFit Kids allows improving athletic performance and prevent injuries.

Ideal for cognitive function of the child, present activities in CrossFit kids can have a positive impact on their academic achievements.

Oriented as a form of play and game fields, CrossFit Kids provides a lot of fun and amusement.
The activity brings better health for children while minimizing the risk of obesity.

Socio-educational, CrossFit kids improves self-confidence and encourage the child to engage in any sport throughout his life.
The program is scalable and can be adapted to any age!