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What is CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness training method that aims to simultaneously develop ten qualities: agility, balance, strength, coordination, speed, power, accuracy, strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility ...

CrossFit is a fitness technique that combines primarily powerlifting, weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance sports and draws its base in the movements of everyday life (to sit down, pick up an object on the ground, running, climbing etc).

With the diversity of movements involved, CrossFit practitioners are trained to deal with any physical challenges whether for a sporting event or to facilitate everyday life.

in brief, CrossFit is ...

Be generally good IN ANY TYPE OF EXERCISE

CrossFit is a training method based on functional movements, varied and executed at high intensity.

Functional movements : SAFE, NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE

Functional training is focused on natural movements that mimic the physical activities of daily life. CrossFit helps us build strength, but it also focuses on improving certain skills, such as, running, jumping, etc ...

Varied workouts AVOID THE ROUTINE!

Constantly varying workouts, diversify how to run and practice movements. the advantages of this type of fitness is that the body never adapts to a particular type of exercise. Enjoy being constantly challenged and learning new skills.

Work under high intensity OPTIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT

CrossFit promotes training in threshold limits, which means train at the highest intensity of our strength, endurance and flexibility.